Mikael Dúi Bolinder

I currently maintain repositories for:


The Masteries Quest

A Blazor WebAssembly app for looking up champion masteries. It has a Cloudflare Workers “backend”.

Mina läromedel

For downloading and reading teaching e-books. Works great on touch screens.

.NET Clients

I maintain unofficial .NET clients for:

Riot Games

For their games League of Legends, Legends of Runeterra, Teamfight Tactics and Valorant.

dotnet add package MikaelDui.RiotGames.Client --version *


For getting mastery highscores for the game League of Legends.

dotnet add package MikaelDui.ChampionMasteryGg.Client --version *



A JavaScript client for Skolplattformen was very hyped in the news so I ported it to .NET.

dotnet add package MikaelDui.Skolplattformen.Client --version *

Liber Onlinebok

For downloading e-books from Liber’s Onlinebok.

dotnet add package MikaelDui.Liber.Onlinebok.Client --version *

.NET Libraries

Extra classes for 3rd party .NET libraries.

System.Net.Http.Json Extra Classes

Contains extra classes for System.Net.Http.Json.

dotnet add package MikaelDui.Net.Http.Json --version *

Newtonsoft.Json Extra Classes

Contains extra classes for Newtonsoft.Json.

dotnet add package MikaelDui.Newtonsoft.Json --version *

.NET Extensions

I frequently use extensions in all my projects so I maintain them in central repositories.

System Extensions

Extensions to the System namespace.

dotnet add package MikaelDui.Extensions --version *

C# Code Analysis

Extensions to Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.CSharp.

dotnet add package MikaelDui.CodeAnalysis.CSharp.Extensions

HtmlAgilityPack Extensions

Extensions to HtmlAgilityPack.

dotnet add package MikaelDui.HtmlAgilityPack.Extensions

GitHub Actions

I maintain most of my actions and workflows in a central repository.